Natural Sea Sponges

I was recently contacted by a website called Ethical Family Planning, but don’t worry…I’m not trying to get pregnant or have babies anytime soon! They sell products for family planning but also hormone free contraception and sexual health products that are more ethical.

I was sent some of their Sea Sponges* which can actually be used as an alternative to tampons, however I have been using them as a gentle exfoliator when cleansing my face or removing make-up and masks. The natural sponges look almost like a plant, but they are actually simple multi-cellular creatures. They attach themselves to the sea floor or other solid sea surfaces and feed by filtering plankton and organic particles through their thousands of tiny pores. They have been used since ancient times for cleaning, washing and bathing.

When they are hard they are solid, but add water and they turn soft and silky making them ideal for exfoliating and washing skin. They do look a little bit freaky though! I suppose they are similar to a konjac sponge (which is made of potato) in the way that they can be used with a cleanser or just on their own to cleanse skin and exfoliate. The way I like to use them the most is for removing clay face masks. I always get in such mess when I use a flannel to remove clay masks and I find that because of the size and shape of these, it’s super quick and easy to remove.

They are much more eco-friendly than synthetic sponges and are harvested with the utmost respect for marine biology. They are naturally renewable and when trained divers remove the sponge from the sea, they still leave the root in place so the sponges can regenerate and the life cycle continues…amazing huh?

If you’re interested in how they can be used as an alternative to tampons, you can read about that on their website. They come in bleached or unbleached so I prefer to use the unbleached. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of synthetic items you use on a day-to-day basis, I’d definitely recommend checking out these natural sea sponges.

Have you tried natural sea sponges before? Would you consider using them as a more eco alternative to tampons?


*indicates PR sample


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