New Year’s (Re)Solutions

I don’t often make resolutions for the New Year – other than your typical drink more water, exercise more rubbish that seems to last me a few months before I get lazy…but I thought I’d share some “solutions” to some common “resolutions”…

Get organized
Paul & I haven’t moved into our new house yet, but it’s going through smoothly so far so fingers crossed! However when we do move, I’m going to create my own blogging space/office and on the wall, I’m going to print off a month-by-month calendar so I can see exactly what I’ve got planned for the year, and so I can plan posts accordingly. My sister has created this gorgeous 2016 downloadable calendar on Etsy using her own prints and designs so I’m going to print this out, stick it onto foam backing and put it up on the wall to keep me organized.

Drink more water
I never drink enough water and I’ll be the first to admit it. I am a huge tea addict and especially in the Winter months, I’d much rather a nice warm cuppa than a bottle of water so I sometimes go without water in a whole day – bad I know. However, this beauty of a bottle came into my life in December and it makes me actually want to drink more water. I’ve had so many lovely comments on it when I’ve taken it out. The bkr water bottle is made from glass so it’s eco-friendly and it has a pretty silicone case on the outside to keep it safe from breaking and also to keep water cold. 

Exercise more
Last year I took part in Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and I really enjoyed myself. I improved so much in just a month, it was incredible and rewarding to see how much better I got throughout the days at certain poses. This year, Adrienne has started “Yoga Camp” which is a free 30-day bootcamp for the Mind, Body & Soul. You can sign up for free here to get 2016 off to a good start, then check out her awesome yoga videos for the rest of the year.

Take care of yourself
We all know we should take care of ourselves more and I feel like a lot more people are starting to and the whole wellbeing trend was huge in 2015. Or at least I think it was…I may have just surrounded myself with the right people! In the colder months I was taking the Unbeelievable Immune Support tablets that helped to stop me from getting ill and feeling run down. I’ll definitely be taking these into 2016 with me, whilst I step up my exercise game!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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