Superfood Skincare

In 2015 we saw a huge rise in the amount of superfoods used as ingredients in skincare products. I’m going to talk you through some of my favourite natural skincare products that have superfood ingredients and what their benefits are.

Superfood Skincare
One of the first I tried out of this bunch was the Inlight Organics Superfood Face Mask (review). This mask packs a punch when it comes to superfoods and includes spirulina and baobab powder amongst other amazing ingredients such as sesame seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil and frankincense oil.
Superfood Skincare Inlight Organic Superfood Face MaskNext up is the newest addition to my superfood stash and it is the Bloom & Glow Oil by Angela Langford. You may recognise Angela’s name if you watch Masterchef as she was one of the last few in the 2014 series! Angela created her skincare range a few of years ago and it has since had a makeover and the packaging is simply beautiful. The Bloom & Glow Oil has wonderful ingredients such as rosehip and sea buckthorn oil but the superfood ingredient is chia seed oil which contains high levels of repairing and healing omega 3 to improve skin’s elasticity. Angela has very kindly set up a discount code so you can get 25% off Bloom & Glow Oil. Code: AMBER25.
Superfood Skincare Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Oil
Last up in terms of facial skincare is this oil by Vedani Botanicals. The No 31 Moisturiser is a blend of beautiful ingredients in a base of hemp seed oil. It has baobab oil and chia seed oil amongst other oils that are ideal for an oily skin type. It’s really lightweight however I love using it in the mornings under make-up and also in the evenings with a light moisturiser over the top when it’s especially cold. 
Superfood Skincare Vedani Botanicals No31 Oily Skin Moisturiser Oil
Onto some superfood body products…I was introduced to Coce Skincare fairly recently and they kindly sent me this Antioxidant Body Butter which has baobab seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, acai fruit oil and pomegranate seed oil amongst other oils and butters to deeply nourish skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which work together to smooth skin and retain moisture. I simply scoop a small amount of this green-ish yellow balm from the jar, and rub into my skin where it melts into a lovely oil. It isn’t just limited to the body either, this butter can be used sparingly on the face after cleansing if you have dry or mature skin. 
Superfood Skincare Coce Skincare Antioxidant Body ButterAnd last but not least is the Minvita Baobab Body Oil which is obviously rich in baobab oil. Minvita are actually a superfood brand who sell ingredients for eating such as baobab, mulberry, cacao and maca powders and also chia seeds. Their Baobab Oil is cold pressed to preserve the essential minerals and nutrients of the African superfruit. It is 100% natural and organic and helps to nourish and moisturise ageing or dry skin. I like to use this on my legs as I tend to get dry, flaky skin after shaving. I even used this on my boyfriends hands the other day as they were so sore from using the hand wash at his work, and they looked so much better the next day!
Superfood Skincare Minvita Baobab Body Oil

Have you tried any of these superfood products? What do you think of using superfood ingredients in skincare products?


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