The Natural Deodorant Co. Gentle Cream Deodorant

I was recently contacted by Laurie, owner of The Natural Deodorant Co. about their newest deodorant that is specifically aimed at those with sensitive skin. If you’ve tried any natural cream deodorants before, you’ll know that most of them contain bicarbonate of soda which can be irritating on the underarms. Laurie decided to make the Gentle Deodorant Cream* without bicarbonate of soda so if you have any sensitivities, this one will be ideal.

The Natural Deodorant Co Gentle Deodorant Cream Review

I can safely say, I have had absolutely no irritation whatsoever since I’ve been using this deodorant. I don’t have sensitive skin however I have tried some natural deodorants and after about a month or so with a few, I have had seriously dry, flaky and sometimes cracking skin on my underarms from the bicarb. There has been none of that with this cream deodorant. It is seriously moisturising and does quite a good job at keeping me stink-free, however it doesn’t work all the time unfortunately for me. I am quite a sweaty person though, as I like to keep warm and I am often really hot but my hands or feet feel cold, so I don’t realise how warm my body temperature actually is. Also, mainstream antiperspirants don’t even work on me so I must just be made to be sweaty…yay for me!

The Natural Deodorant Co Gentle Deodorant Cream Review

The essential oil used is tangerine so it has a lovely fresh scent to it, and the other ingredients include arrowroot flour, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and bentonite clay. You simply scoop a little out of the jar and rub on your underarms where it will melt on contact with the skin. Please be aware, this is a deodorant not an antiperspirant so if you’re looking for a natural “deodorant” to stop you from sweating, this won’t happen, however it should stop you from stinkin’. I tried a sample of The Natural Deodorant Co’s normal deodorant last year and I did like that too, so I’ve just bought the Vanilla & Manuka one to use and if my underarms become sensitive to the bicarb, I’ll use the Gentle one in between.

You can buy samples from £5.00 or the full size 60ml jars are just £10.00 which I think is a reasonable price as you only need a small amount.

Have you tried Natural Deodorant Co new release?


*indicates PR sample.

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