Tints of Nature Hair Dye Review

One of the very few things I still use that isn’t green is hair dye. I have grey hairs and I have done since I was 15 so dying my hair once every month to six weeks is a priority for me, and something I’m not willing to give up. I’ve recently been introduced to Tints of Nature, a brand who have a more natural approach. Obviously their dyes aren’t 100% natural or organic, however I prefer to use a brand that has more natural ingredients than a mainstream one and these have up to 60% organic ingredients.

Tints of Nature Natural Hair Dye Review

I was kindly sent their Rich Chocolate Brown* shade (4CN), and since then I have purchased the Natural Medium Brown shade (4N). The hair dyes come with a clarifying shampoo, dye and mix, gloves and shampoo & conditioner for washing after. The instructions state to wash your hair first with the clarifying shampoo however I find this a bit of a faff to be honest, and I was a bit anxious trusting Paul to colour my hair when it was already wet. (Yes, I do let my boyfriend dye my hair, I’ve trained him well.) The second time I didn’t bother using the clarifying shampoo and it still turned out okay.

The dye itself smells quite nice and doesn’t have such a strong chemical-y scent as the usual dyes. I left the dye on for around 25 minutes as I do have greys I like to make sure it takes well. I washed my hair after with the shampoo & conditioner provided and they worked quite well. They both smell really nice, like sweets & apples, however the ingredients aren’t quite as natural as I would like to use on a daily basis, but just for washing out the dye, I don’t mind too much. I changed colours because the Chocolate Brown has a slight red tint to it, which I do like however I fancied changing to just a classic brown. Next time I think I’ll go for a lighter shade as it gets into Spring!

In terms of efficacy, these permanent hair dyes work really well. They don’t cover 100% of my greys, however most of them aren’t on the top layer of my hair so it doesn’t matter too much. If you’re looking to go a bit more natural with your hair dyes then I would definitely recommend checking these out.  They are paraben free, ammonia free and pretty affordable at £8.99 each.


*indicates PR sample

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