Natural & Organic Skincare Routine for Blemish Prone Skin

It’s been a while since I posted about my skincare routine so I thought it was about time I shared an updated version. I have blemish-prone skin with dry patches in some areas, however it’s not what I would describe as oily, just a few spots (hormonal and not) every now and then.

First up, cleansers.

The OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel was a firm favourite of mine in 2014, but due to having such a large selection of products, I hadn’t got round to repurchasing. However, I walked passed a Space N.K a few months ago and couldn’t resist popping in to buy a new bottle and I am so glad I did. Having this cleanser back in my routine not only helps to reduce inflamed blemishes, but it gives my skin a bright, clear complexion and takes care of dry patches too.

Natural organic skincare for oily blemish prone skin | Amber's Beauty Talk

The Vedani Botanicals No 21 Cleanser is a more recent addition to my cleansing routine and I like to use this as my second cleanse, to make sure I’ve rid all my make-up and to thoroughly cleanse my skin. The ingredients in this include hemp oil, tamanu oil, hazelnut oil and neroli essential oil which help to clear my blocked pores and spots. It is 100% natural and 97.8% organic so it really is one of the purest cleansers you could buy.

My Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser is almost empty and I’ll definitely be picking up a new one when it runs out. I love using this one when I feel like my skin is congested as it has exfoliating properties thanks to the rice bran, but it also helps to clear my skin, especially the blackheads on my nose and chin, and reduce spot size in just a couple of days, thanks to the willowbark and lavender essential oil.

Next in my skincare routine is a toner..

I love using the Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Toner after cleansing, which is actually aimed at those with normal/dry skin however the ingredients in it work really well with my skin to hydrate it, but not too much, whilst still offering ingredients that help with blemishes such as orange blossom and chamomile.

A new one I’ve also been trying out recently is from The Earth Works Cosmetics and it’s the Chamomile & Geranium Balancing Toner. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight at all, and it’s really refreshing.

Natural organic skincare for oily blemish prone skin | Amber's Beauty Talk | Bodhi and Birch Rosa Rosa Toner

I like to use facial oils in the morning and evening so I’ll separate these into two categories.  If you’ve not used facial oils before and you’re thinking “why on earth would I put oil on my skin if it’s already oily?” then you need to try these, trust me. 

For the AM, I use something quite light under my make-up such as the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil. This oil is clear, unscented and you can barely tell you’ve applied oil to your skin as it sinks in so quickly (but in a good way) and I love to use this under make-up as it just makes the perfect base. 

If my skin is in need of a little more TLC, I’ll use my Vedani Botanicals No 31 Moisturiser which is also an oil. It’s slightly heavier than Indie Lee but still light enough to be able to wear make-up over the top. It has amazing superfood ingredients such as baobab, chia seed oil and avocado oil as well as tamanu oil, sea buckthorn oil and neroli essential oil.

Natural organic skincare for oily blemish prone skin | Amber's Beauty Talk | Facial oils

In the evenings, I’ll use another superfood rich oil which is the Bloom & Glow from Angela Langford. It has sea buckthorn and chia seed oil and keeps my skin looking clear and blemish-free. I also love to use my Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce Oil which is an all-time favourite of mine. My skin absolutely loves anything neroli and this oil helps to clear up my skin, give me a brighter and smoother complexion and it smells amazing. My skin doesn’t like me if I’m without this oil so I’m always getting my hands on another.

If we’re in the colder months like now, I tend to add a moisturiser at the end of my routine in the evenings. My skin loves the moisturisers from Therapi Honey Skincare, especially the Orange Blossom one and at the minute I am using their Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream. It has moisturising honey, beeswax and propolis to keep dry skin at bay but also keep my skin looking clear and glowy. If you have particularly oily skin, I’d go for the Orange Blossom or Lemon Myrtle.

Natural organic skincare for oily blemish prone skin | Amber's Beauty Talk | Therapi Honey Skincare

I like to treat my skin to face masks once or twice a week and a few that I enjoy using include the Inlight Superfood Face Mask which is great for brightening my skin and helping to reduce redness and spot size. I also love mixing my Mallow & White Clay Mask with water and a little bit of my Antipodes Aura Honey Mask to ensure the mask doesn’t dry out too quickly. 

To help combat blemishes quicker, in the evenings I’ll use the Indie Lee Blemish Stick.

What are your favourite products for blemish-prone skin?


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