Living Nature Manuka Honey Facial

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to Botanical Brands to experience a Living Nature Manuka Honey Facial at their office. Now you might be thinking that’s an unusual place to enjoy a facial however Kim & Linda set up a lovely warm massage bed with blankets and put on some relaxing music so once my eyes were closed, I completely forgot I was in an office…although their offices are in a very peaceful part of the countryside anyway!

Living Nature use rose quartz crystals as part of their signature facial along with warm manuka honey which isn’t anything I’ve ever experience before. This isn’t me in the photo above however this is what I would have looked like with the manuka honey mask on.

Manuka honey is often described as a miracle beauty ingredient, thanks to the nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals inside. It is derived from the nectar of the native New Zealand Manuka flowers and it has very special qualities. It has hydrating, nourishing, healing, rejuvenating and protecting benefits and when warm, these benefits are enhanced making it ideal to use in facials.

I had a consultation with Linda to discuss allergies, skin type etc. and then I hopped onto the bed to begin the facial. She started off by cleansing my face with the Vitalising Cleanser and removing my mascara with the Make-Up Remover. My skin was then treated to a lovely exfoliation using the Skin Revive Exfoliant which had a thick gel type consistency with jojoba beads as the exfoliant which were very gentle but effective.

Then we moved onto the main part of this facial – the manuka honey and crystal massage. Living Nature’s warm manuka honey mask is warmed up and applied using a brush, all over my skin. I actually didn’t realise Linda was using a brush until a couple of minutes later as it was so smooth! The warm honey felt so, so lovely on my skin and helped me to relax into the facial. The rose quartz crystal wands were used to massage my skin, with the larger flat part being used on my cheeks, and the smaller ends around my nose and brow bones. 

As my skin had quite a few blemishes around my chin, after the manuka honey mask was removed, Linda applied the Purifying Mask around my chin to clarify and help reduce redness, whilst cotton pads soaked in the eye gel were laid over my eyes. Whilst the purifying mask was working its magic, Linda gave me an arm and hand massage using the body lotion which was lovely and relaxing.

After the first mask was removed with a warm cloth, the Nourishing Face Mask was then applied all over my skin to moisturise and treat my skin, and Linda massaged this in with her hands.

To finish off, Linda applied the Night Facial oil onto to my skin, although my skin was completely saturated at the end as it’s more towards the oily side, and my skin didn’t need much more hydrating. My skin was glowing after and I felt so, so relaxed. I had to sit on the bed and have a big glass of water to bring me back to reality! The next day my skin felt and looked great. There were no dry patches at all which is something I usually get around my forehead and any blemishes that might be on their way out.

I would definitely recommend finding a therapist near you who offers these facials as it was so, so relaxing and it left my skin feeling thoroughly cared for & glowing! Therapy in East Dulwich offer this treatment, you can find details here.
You can also find all of the products used in my facial at Botanical Brands.


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