Green Brands I Want to Try in 2017

Every year I write down a list of brands that I want to try in the upcoming year and I thought it’d be fun to share as I do usually get round to trying most of the brands I mention. Some are UK based brands and others are from the US or international countries.

I think this brand was on my “to-try” list in 2016 however I just never got around to trying anything! I’m definitely going to make a purchase this year though as I have my eye on their Mermaid Mask, Koko Leka mask and Honey Love 3-in-1. Leahlani had a packaging re-brand in 2016 and everything looks so, so pretty!

This new cleaning brand may seem like an odd choice for products to try however their packaging is just gorgeous and much nicer than the ugly, brightly coloured stuff you can buy in supermarkets (even the natural ones). “Based on ancient monastic knowledge, TINCTURE combines natural essential oils, active botanical ingredients and antimicrobial Silver Technology to deliver high-performance superior cleaning.” Now that I have my own house and I can choose which products to use – why wouldn’t I opt for cleaner products?

Earth Tu Face
I’ve seen this brand around for a little while but they’re now available on Naturisimo and their products look fab. They’re a Californian brand who believe in truth and transparency. They believe in never putting on your skin what you would not put in your mouth, in minimal waste packaging, and in avoiding synthetics & preservatives. I have my eye on their Honey Coconut Mask which has actual rose petals and lavender buds inside the product!

What brands do you have your eye on this year?


*This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

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