Luxury Natural Skincare – Worth the Price?

I’ve tried quite a few high-end natural products recently and I thought I’d share my opinion them. Whilst I do believe there is room for every price range in the green beauty industry, products definitely have to live up to their price tags, especially when I have a lot of favourites that are much cheaper.

Luxury Natural Skincare - Worth the Price?

One of the most popular luxury natural brands is Tata Harper. You’re bound to recognise their gorgeous green bottles & jars and whilst everything is kinda expensive, it sure does look pretty on the bathroom shelf. I’ve been using the Purifying Mask for a few months now and I really like it. Whilst I think I might be a little scared when pushing “checkout” the next time I buy it (it’s priced at £52 for a 30ml jar), I think it definitely has a place in my skincare routine. You can read a full review here.

Luxury Natural Skincare - Tata Harper - Worth the Price?

A new brand I recently discovered is Samaya whose products revolve around Ayurveda and choosing the right skincare products for your “dosha”. You’ll find a quiz on their website to tell you which dosha you relate to the most. I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of products from their Pitta range.

The first is their Anti-Ageing Moisturiser which comes with a hefty price tag of £89.00 for 50ml. The packaging is beautiful – simple yet sleek. I’ve been using this moisturiser in the morning after a facial oil and before applying my make-up. I do find that my make-up goes on smoothly and it does stop any dry patches from showing through my foundation for most of the day but I wouldn’t say it’s drastically changed my skin or that it’s a product I would immediately need to go out and repurchase when I run out, however this is likely because my skin doesn’t need any anti-ageing yet.

I also tried the Cleanser which comes in slightly cheaper at a much more reasonable but still pricey £69 for 100ml. Both products are formulated with ayurvedic botanicals such as Jasmine, Neem, Lotus, Turmeric and Saffron which are prescribed specifically to help balance the Pitta dosha.  I’m not that keen on the scent of either products, however I don’t really like the scent of jasmine so that’ll be why. I much prefer using the cleanser as it has a lovely thick texture which melts down upon applying to the skin and really works to remove grime and dirt. I do still prefer oils and balms over washes & creams but this is sort of a mix between an oil/balm/cream and I find it works well with my skin type. I probably wouldn’t rush to buy another when I run out however if I was going to, I’d probably try the cleanser from the Kapha range which is for skin prone to clogged pores, rather than Pitta which is for sensitive skin.

Luxury Natural Skincare - Samaya Skincare - Worth the Price?

I recently tried a product from the Mel Millis range. I tried a couple of samples a few years ago from a beauty box which I think was a toner and maybe a facial oil. They were both filled with neroli and smelled amazing. This time I put the PhytoNutri Qi MM Face Peel to the test and I have to say I’m a little confused by it. It’s called a peel however you use it like a mask – take a scoop, mix with a little water and apply to the skin. This is where it gets tricky as the texture is so strange. This product has a lovely mix of ingredients like honey, brown sugar, pumpkin, neroli and jojoba however when it’s all mixed together, it almost looks like a spongey cake. When you add the water it does make it easier to spread however it’s just gloopy and messy. It does offer slight exfoliating benefits because of the sugar and having to work hard to massage the product evenly over your face but for £48, it’s just too much hassle for me with not much benefit. I really wanted to like this product but I simply just couldn’t pay almost £50 for another jar.

Luxury Natural Skincare - Mel Millis - Worth the Price?

So a couple of yes’s and a couple of no’s…what’s your favourite & least favourite high-end natural product you’ve tried?


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