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I’ve tried a fair few RMS products over the last few years so I thought I’d do a quick round-up of what I think of the products I’ve used.

The first RMS product I tried was Un” Cover Up and it’s one I still use religiously today. My main use for it is as a concealer however it can also be used as a foundation. I love this product as it packs a punch when it comes to covering under-eye darkness and redness on blemishes however it still looks natural. RMS also have a few make-up brushes in their line however I’ve tried the Skin2Skin Foundation Brush* and didn’t really get on with it that well. Unfortunately I just find it too small for applying foundation and it takes too long in the mornings to buff it all in.

The next product was their Lip Shine in Sacred which is a gorgeous red-pink shade. I’m yet to try anymore of their Lip Shines however I’ve got Bloom & Content on my list to try as they’re super pigmented and offer a lovely sheen without being too glossy. If you’re into more matte products for the lips then take a look at their Lip2Cheeks which double up as a blusher too. I have the shade Smile which is a pretty coral shade. I prefer it as a blusher than on my lips as it can enhance dry patches as it’s a fairly pale colour. I tried this shade when I had my make-up done at Content and think it’s the perfect blush shade for me, especially in the Summer months.

Another face product in my collection is the 
Living Luminizer which is a cream highlighter. Whilst it is a super pretty product and it does highlight my cheek bones, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite highlighter that I’ve tried and I wouldn’t re-purchase. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, I just personally prefer others that I’ve tried.

One of the newest products I’ve tried is actually one of their skincare products; the Ultimate Make-Up Remover Wipes*. I’m not sure how I didn’t realise but they’re made with 100% coconut oil so it’s basically one face wipe per packet that’s soaked in coconut oil. My skin doesn’t get on that well with coconut oil however these are nice to use to remove make-up in the evenings if I can’t be that bothered to do a proper double cleanse.

Moving onto a couple of their eye products. I’ve recently written a full review of three of the new Swift Shadows which you can read here. I tried both of their mascaras when I got my make-up done at Content and I couldn’t remember which one I liked best so when I got a couple of bits from Love Lula last month I picked up their Defining Mascara* as I’m sure I was surprised that I liked the Defining over the Volumising which was unusual for me. I really love this mascara and would definitely put it in my top 5.

So a few hits & a few misses for me! What’s your favourite product from RMS?


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