I’ve got through quite a few products recently as I’ve been making more of an effort to use up products before opening new ones.

Green Beauty Empties

Vedani Botanicals Facial Oil & Cleanser
I absolutely love both of these products & I would definitely repurchase as they work so well with my combination skin. I use No21 for the Cleanser and No 32 for the facial oil as I sometimes need that little bit more moisture.

Weleda Almond Body Wash
I love the scent of the almond range from Weleda and this is a really nice, gentle body wash and would be perfect if you have sensitive skin. I love their body washes as they’re so reasonably priced too. 

Nathalie Bond Peppermint & Eucalyptus Hand Wash
This is my second bottle of this hand wash and I love it. The scent is amazing but we do get through it quite quickly so it’s definitely more of a treat purchase for hand wash!

Beatitude Skin Salvation Oil
I’ve been through quite a lot of facial oils recently and whilst this is a lovely oil, I wouldn’t say it the most ideal for my skin type but if you have normal/dry/mature skin, I’d definitely consider this as it’s lovely quality and you can try a smaller bottle for just £13.50.

Ooh! Cacay Oil
Another facial oil but again, this one isn’t perfect for my skin type. I prefer oils that are blends of others oils as I find they work better with my skin than single oils. This is pretty pricey at £39.00 for 30ml too so I wouldn’t buy again.

Skin & Tonic Steam Clean
One of my favourite balms for when my skin is having a bad time and might be spotty or clogged.

Lulu & Boo Chocolate Orange Cleansing Oil
I’ve been loving this oil. It takes off my makeup easily but it has red clover and burdock oils that are cleansing on the skin and work well with my combination skin.


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