Tried & Tested: Makeup Removers

Taking off my makeup at night is pretty much always something I have to drag myself to the bathroom to do. By 10pm I’m ready for bed (yes, I’m an old lady!) so using products that make cleansing my skin quick and simple are my favourite. I thought I’d write down my thoughts on a few different make-up removers from my collection…

You & Oil Makeup Remover
This is a cleansing oil made with simple ingredients that effectively removes my eye and face makeup. It only has a couple of oils in the blend which make it perfect for sensitive skin and around the eye area. This one needs to be removed with a warm flannel so you’d still need to be close to a sink however this is a really nice product that works nicely as my first cleanse. (£19 for 50ml).

Avril Micellar Water
This one isn’t my favourite. It foams slightly when you apply it to your skin if you put quite a bit on the cotton pad and it leaves an awful taste on my lips. I don’t like using it on my eyes because of the foam and that’s what I mostly use makeup removers for as I double cleanse my skin. It’s very reasonably priced however I can’t get past the slight foaming so it’s a no from me – I’ve had this quite a few months and you can see how little I’ve used from the photo. (7 euros for 500ml)

Madara Micellar Water
This one is much better than the Avril one. It’s gentle but effective at removing make-up and definitely my favourite out of these four. It’s refreshing in the mornings as I’m often too sleepy to do a thorough cleanse and it effectively cleans my skin and removes eye makeup in the evening too. (£14.00 for 100ml)

Neal’s Yard Remedies Eye Make-up Remover
This is the newest addition to my collection. It’s oil-free and has organic rosewater as the base with aloe vera and white tea. It’s lovely and refreshing and soothing on the eyes so it’s ideal for when my hayfever kicks in. Although if I had heavy makeup on I’d probably opt for Madara or You & Oil as they’re quicker. (
£11 for 100ml)


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