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Love Lula have just added a range of deodorants from The Ohm Collection to their store and I’ve been testing three out for the last few weeks.

Natural deodorants are different from the mainstream antiperspirants you’ll find on the high street as they tend to be balms, powders or sticks that won’t actually stop you from sweating but they’ll (hopefully) hide any smells. You may be thinking…”what?! I can’t be sweating all the time!” however after an initial period of a few weeks or so, once your body has gotten used to not using antiperspirants, you’ll often find you will be a lot less sweaty and smelly!

The Ohm Collection have a range of powder deodorants that cost between £11 and £21 and claim to be “the safe deodorant that works”. I’ve used a fair few natural deodorants on my green journey and there’s been some great ones but unfortunately some not-so-great ones as well.

These powder deodorants are aluminium free and vegan-friendly. Ohm use a signature “Ohm Blend” of wild-crafted cold pressed ingredients that “keep smells and stains away” and they claim to alkalize and heal the skin. They do have bicarbonate of soda in which can be a trigger for some, myself included, so I am always a little wary when I see that on the ingredients list as it can cause irritation to the underarms which I have previously experienced.

I’ve only ever tried one other “powder” deodorant before which had a talc style feeling to it however these are more like fine, gritty powders as the main ingredient is bicarbonate of soda. I’ve been using the Nojito, Blossom and Lavender powders for the last few weeks and whilst they smell really nice in the pots, unfortunately I’m not finding that they last a full day for me scent-wise. The texture also takes some getting used to – as it’s a fine powder, you have to apply to your underarms with your hands and I just find that it doesn’t particularly stick and most ends up falling to the floor. I try not to rub as this can cause irritation however I find that’s the best way to make sure it sticks!

Unfortunately these haven’t swayed me enough to swap from my current deodorant but they might work for you if you’re a fan of powder deodorants and they’re an option to try if you’re vegan. It could be that my underarms might be getting used to a new product so I’ll update this post if I find that anything changes in the near future but for now, I’ll mostly be sticking to Schmidt’s.


*PR samples from Love Lula. All opinions are honest and my own.

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