Tried & Tested: Exfoliators

I love using exfoliators in my weekly skincare routine. I tend to get dry patches on my forehead and also sometimes on my cheeks so using scrubs and polishes helps to remove dry patches and dead skin, keep skin smooth and prepare it for other skincare products.

The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Micro Scrub
This is one of my all-time favourite scrubs. It isn’t a really scrubby product but it has natural acids in there that remove dead skin and polish your skin – it’s like a natural microdermabrasion treatment! For this reason it is one that I need to use quite quickly as if you leave it on it can sting a little however it is a seriously effective product that I will continue to repurchase again and again.

Bybi Beauty Prime Time Facial Polish
The newest product from the Clean Beauty Co girls (now renamed to BYBI) is this exfoliator. This product smells absolutely gorgeous! It is a thick balmy style polish with fruit enzymes such as apple and pineapple that gently strip away dead skin. It turns into a creamy milk when mixed with water so it’s pretty easy to remove although sometimes I’ll find the scrubby bits on my neck or face an hour or so later. Definitely another winner from BYBI though!

Conscious Skincare Neutralize Exfoliant
This exfoliator is targeted for oily, problematic skin and they also have other ranges for different skin types. It’s a gel-style product with melissa and tea tree which work together to clean out pores and decongest skin. It has small exfoliating pieces which work well to buff away dry skin and it’s a product I enjoy using. It’s not too harsh, just enough for my skin!

Green People Orange Blossom Exfoliator
For their 20th Anniversary, Green People bought out some new products including an Orange Blossom and a Rose range which are limited edition. This exfoliator is a light, lotion-type product with small granules of apricot kernel and bamboo which gently buff away dry skin. The particles are very fine so it would be great for those with sensitive skin but I think this is a little too gentle for my liking. It’s a nice product but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite out of those I’ve mentioned above.


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