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One of my favourite new brands to hit the green beauty scene has arrived at Love Lula and I’m so excited to share their products with you. Isla Apothecary was founded by Kate who designs, formulates and hand-blends all of the products in London in true apothecary fashion.

Isla Apothecary use only the finest raw, natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients and the products are formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic ingredients or preservatives.

I’ve already tried a few products from Isla Apothecary so I was excited to try some more from the range. There are products for body and face, ranging from masks and scrubs to oils and bath soaks. I have been using the Neroli Body Oil which is a truly beautiful oil. Neroli is one of my favourite scents in skincare, my skin absolutely loves it so I’m always drawn to products that have it in. It also has mandarin, petitgrain, patchouli and frankincense oils so the scent is quite floral but peppery at the same time.

A product I’m currently on my second pot of is the deliciously scented Blood Orange & Vanilla Sugar Scrub. It smells just like chocolate orange and it’s an amazing scrub. It’s not too harsh but it gets rid of dry skin and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. There’s no need for a lotion or oil but I do sometimes treat my skin to the Neroli Body Oil afterwards if I’m having a bit of a pamper evening!

Onto face products and the newest addition to my collection is the Refine & Radiate Beautifying Face Mask. It has a simple ingredients list of just three powders; coconut milk, sandalwood and turmeric which you mix with water/honey or your cleanser to make into an amazing bright orange mask. The day after I use this, I wake up and my skin feels so soft and it looks plump and clear. The scent is also amazing – it’s sort of like a creamy curry which sounds odd but it’s so, so nice!
Rather than proclaim my love for Isla Apothecary in this whole entire post, I thought it would be nice to hear from founder, Kate, about her amazing brand & products.

Hi Kate, thank you for joining me on this post for the Love Lula blog. Let’s start off by introducing Isla Apothecary to the readers – tell us about your brand and why you started?

Hi Amber, thank you for having me :-). So yes, I launched the brand at the end of 2015, and the range consists mainly of body care products, with some facial and hair products, all with natural and organic ingredients at their heart.
Starting it was really a case of several factors converging at the right time, but I suppose the precursor to creating the range was years of experimentation and fascination with all sorts of natural ingredients and methods that came from my frustration with some persistent skin maladies, and a desire for simple but effective self-care rituals. Whilst I was increasingly drawn to the realm of natural, I was also rejecting that narrative of having a complex skin care regimen consisting of products whose contents I had no idea about, and that I accepted weren’t right for me.

I’m a big fan of your products – I’ve tried quite a few from the range now! Which is the most popular?
Thank you! The Neroli Body Oil has been a pretty big hit since day one. It packs four nourishing and skin-soothing oils and has a blend of five essential oils. People seem to take to the aroma immediately, which I would describe as heady, romantic, and nostalgia-inducing. People have found lots of different uses in it too, from a facial oil to a perfume alternative, which I love hearing about.

Neroli is one of my favourite scents! Your packaging is simply stunning – so different from anything else on the green beauty market. How did you decide on the copper look?
Thank you, again 🙂 Looking back, deciding on the packaging was one of the bigger challenges and I definitely took my time with it. I had a minimalist aesthetic in mind with regards to the design, but I was looking to do something with the colour of the label itself. I wanted it to feel special, playful, different, and I am drawn to copper. When I think of copper, I think alchemy, balance, harmony, healing and cleansing. All of which actually reflect the ethos behind the products. Having a shiny, copper label was a light bulb moment but I wasn’t sure if it was possible to do. When I found out that it was, I just went for it!

What is your personal favourite product from the range?
One of my favourite things to do in the mornings is to use a body scrub or a dry brush. I consistently find myself reaching for the Coffee + Cinnamon Body Polish, which I use around twice a week. The crispness of the coffee and warmness of the cinnamon first thing, I love, and it suits my skin type. A few drops of Immortelle Scar + Blemish Oil massaged into my face at night has transformed my skin from reactive to resilient. Also, the recently released Jasmine Sunset Radiance Body Oil is a current fave as I’m pale. I don’t have a huge amount of patience for sunbathing, and it’s a lovely alternative to fake tan. It really gives just a subtle amount of colour and a warm glow, and smells gorgeous. Sorry, I picked three! Is that allowed??

Yes, that’s totally allowed! It would be hard for me to pick just one myself too. And finally, last but not least – do you have any plans for future products?

Yes! I am working on an exciting collaboration for a limited edition product in time for Christmas. And beyond that, there will be a couple of products added to the range by Spring 2018, which have been in testing since early this year.

Thank you for joining me on this blog post Kate! You can view the full Isla Apothecary range at Love Lula here.


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