Stop the Water While Using Me!

Unfortunately Love Lula have stopped their blog so whilst I won’t be writing any posts for there anymore, it means I’m back on their Blogger Programme! (I didn’t have the time to do both!)

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on products from a brand called Stop the Water While Using Me! I’ve seen this brand for a couple of years now and I love their ethos – they encourage you to avoid wasting water by turning off the water whilst you’re in the shower or cleaning your hands as it’s simply unnecessary. 

I’ve got their Rosemary Grapefruit Shampoo, Lemon Honey Bar Soap and the White Sage Cedar Shower Gel. I’ve been trying them all out for a few weeks now and I’m keen on two of them.


I thought I’d try the shampoo because it has Rosemary in it, as does my usual fave, however this is a lot thicker than my normal shampoo and I found it just didn’t fully wash out at my roots and made them quite clogged after a few washes. It does smell really good though as it has grapefruit in it as well. I will continue to use it every now and then as it’s nice and nourishing for my hair but it’s not one that would make me stray from my beloved Faith in Nature Rosemary Shampoo.
I really like the scent of the shower gel. I’d say its unisex so your husband/fiancé/boyfriend may steal it too but it foams nicely and cleanses thoroughly but it’s still gentle on the skin. I’d say it’s definitely one I’d consider repurchasing.
The Lemon & Honey Soap is a lovely bar that’s made with organic oils and honey. The scent is really lovely and 10% of every sold bar soap is directly invested in the companies new Good Water Project ‘DROP FOR CHANGE’. I am usually more of a fan of liquid soaps for washing hands but this soap is really lovely so I don’t mind using it at all! I find that some can be messy and sticky but this has held its shape nicely and it’s thoroughly cleansing.


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