How to Get a Summer Glow Naturally through Winter

As I’m saving up for our wedding, I didn’t get to enjoy a Summer holiday this year and the last holiday we went on was June 2016. I do still love having a tan though which is pretty much impossible to get whilst sunbathing in England so I turn to natural fake tans! I had this post planned quite a few months ago at the beginning of Summer but hadn’t got round to finishing it so I thought I’d turn it into a keeping your Summer glow through Winter style post.

You have to start with a good base so I use a body scrub in the shower followed by a moisturising balm on any extra-dry spots such as elbows, heels etc. I’ve been loving the Isla Apothecary Blood Orange & Vanilla Scrub as it just smells so good! I follow up with the Babe Balm from BYBI to keep skin extra moisturised and free from dry patches.

My favourite fake tan is the Green People Self-Tan Lotion which I’ve been using for a couple of years now. It develops into a lovely colour, nothing orange and it doesn’t go streaky if you apply carefully (not at 10pm the night before wedding dress shopping…oops!). It doesn’t have an awful scent and it doesn’t look fake either. I use this if I’m going to an event or party.

If I’m after a slightly less dark tan then I’ll use my Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow which is a lovely cream that offers a hint of tan. Chocolate Sun offer different variations so if you’re after a bit more colour then opt for a darker colour. I love this lotion though as it’s just enough coverage to get a lovely glow and it smells amazing too.

A new product from the Chocolate Sun range is their Cocoa Glow Illume which is a self-tan gel for the face. I literally need just one pump and it covers my whole face and down onto my neck to blend. You need to apply to dry skin but I apply at night so I use a little bit of face oil to stop my skin drying out. It’s a lovely colour and gives my skin a nice, clear base – it almost acts like a primer and makes my skin look even better before applying foundation!

If you like a more gradually developing tan, then opt for the Green People Gradual Tan. The colour will develop over a few days after each application so ideal to use on a daily basis to get a nice colour, rather than 0 to 10 overnight.


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