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I bought a few new things over the last couple of weeks as I’m starting to get my skincare routine together to prepare my skin for the wedding. I want to stick to a steady routine in the run-up to the day instead of trying different products every week.

I first placed an order with Naturisimo. I love that you can buy samples of things when you place an order so I bought myself a few bits; 100% Pure Caffeine Face Mask, Unbeelievable Health Supplements, Juice Beauty Eye Masks and a sample of the Inlight Organics Eye Revive Cream. I love the Unbeelievable supplements and this time I bought the Bee Energised ones as I’ve been exercising a lot and keeping busy planning the wedding so want to keep my immune system up so I don’t get run-down and ill before the big day.

I ordered the face and eye masks to potentially try out on the plane/when we arrive in New York as I really want to ensure my skin stays hydrated during the flight and free from dry patches in the days running up to our wedding. I will probably use them before the day though to make sure they don’t react with my skin!

I also stocked up on my favourite Faith in Nature Rosemary Shampoo from Amazon. I then placed an order with Vedani Botanicals which is a natural & organic skincare brand created by Mercedes a couple of years ago. She is so knowledgeable with skin care, ingredients and what they can do for your skin which is why I love her products.

I ordered the No 21. Light Cleanser which is an oil cleanser for oily/blemish prone skin. I then ordered No 32 in the Face Moisturiser (oil) but Mercedes kindly swapped it for her new oil No 12 which I have tried previously when I ordered it during her crowdfunding. I really loved it so I’m glad to have it back in my routine. She also kindly included a Lavender Hydrolat Mist in the order.


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