I’ve been very good at getting through products recently. I think it’s because I’ve had less products to try, as I stuck to a steady routine before the wedding, it’s been easier to finally finish some products. I’ve got a few skincare and bodycare bits to share my final thoughts on…
I’ll go from left to right on the photo so I’ll start at the Neal’s Yard Organic Eye Make-up Remover. This was so lovely to use over the Summer, especially when I suffered with hayfever really badly. I wear contacts so my eyes can get puffy and really quite sore and this helped to soothe my eyes, thanks to the aloe vera and rose water. It didn’t remove my Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara fully as I do need an oil for that but it removed my other makeup well. I would definitely repurchase again in the Spring/Summer.

I featured the Ben & Anna Vanilla Orchid Deodorant in a recent haul of mine and I’ve finished it already. It comes in a cardboard tube which is really eco-friendly but it does get a bit tricky when you get towards the end and you have to use something to push it up from the inside as my fingers aren’t long enough. Overall I found it to be a really nice deodorant however since the weather has got a bit colder, I’ve found it’s harder to apply as it’s quite solid and it doesn’t melt as easily. I would repurchase but probably save it for the Summer as it was quite irritating at times on my skin having to press quite hard to warm up the deodorant to apply.

I had ordered a couple of Elsa’s Deodorants from Love Lula and I also got one in their beauty box recently so I’ve used up three! I’m a really big fan of the deodorant and I’d definitely recommend it – the only issue for me is it runs out quite quickly and it’s difficult to use when you get to the bottom as the pushy-up part is split into three holes (really hard to explain!), but the thin layer of deodorant that’s left ends up breaking up and either falling off or falling down into the bottom of the tube. I would still buy again though as I found it worked well and didn’t cause any irritation – my favourite scent is Dew.

I love using oils to remove my makeup before cleansing my skin and the Stripped Skincare Makeup Remover is a lovely one to use. A simple blend of grapeseed, jojoba & castor oils with lavender essential oil – it’s lovely to use in the evening and really well priced at just £8 for 50ml.

A new brand I discovered recently is Botany Blend and I was sent their Meru Oil before the wedding. I did use it a little bit before but mostly after the wedding as I didn’t want to mess up my skincare routine. It is a luxury face oil with lovely ingredients – sacha inchi, safflower, prickly pear, neroli & lotus – with a luxury price tag of £49 for 30ml. It is 97% organic so the ingredients are high quality but I didn’t notice that much of a difference with my skin when using it – I think because I had such a strict routine before the wedding my skin hadn’t been that bad in terms of breakouts so I’d perhaps try a sample of their Aceso oil next time as that seems like ingredients that would be more suited to my current skin issues.

One of the newest additions from BYBI Beauty is their Supercharge Serum – it’s a blend of quite a few oils but does feel quite like a dry oil when you apply. I don’t really feel like my skin needs a serum and an oil so I just used this as my moisturiser. It’s nice but again, didn’t really do much for my skin so I wouldn’t repurchase.

A favourite toner of mine is the Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner. It’s lovely to use over the Summer in the mornings. I use it after cleansing my skin to refresh my skin and give it a hydrating boost. It’s alcohol free too which I love as a lot of toners can be quite drying!  

Probably my favourite exfoliator – The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Micro Scrub. I think this is my fourth jar! It’s very strong on the skin so I wouldn’t recommend for those with sensitive skin but it works amazingly to remove dead skin cells, dry skin and it just brightens up my face the next day.

I’m a huge fan of Vedani Botanicals, especially the cleanser and facial oil. I recently finished the Silky Serum No 12 and I would definitely repurchase. If my skin is ever feeling or looking not quite right, I reach for this! It helps to calm my skin and even my skin tone.


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