Green Beauty Haul

I’ve bought a few new green beauty bits over the last couple of months so I thought I’d share what I got in this post…

My local Holland & Barrett is quite small but last weekend I went to Rushden Lakes and they have a huge one with a lot more selection. Beauty Kitchen have recently rebranded and they were on 3 for 2 so I bought a Free From Hair & Body Wash which I’m going to use as a body wash with my own essential oils. I also bought their Natruline (natural alternative to Vaseline) in both the vegan and beeswax formula as with the offer it meant one of them was free!I also picked up a natural toothpaste whilst I was there as I’m currently using a non-natural one and thought I’d give a natural one a go again. I bought one from The Humble Co in a minty flavour – I am yet to try it but I will update this with my verdict once I’ve given it a go!

I also stocked up on my favourite shampoo – Faith in Nature, Rosemary*. They’ve recently had a packaging makeover and I really like it – a lot more modern than their previous packaging and it was cheaper on Amazon than usual so even better!

I saw that abeautifulworld had got in a new Natural Body Brush* from Josh Rosebrook so I ordered myself one and whilst I was shopping I got a new bottle of the Hydrating Accelerator Facial Mist* which is just an amazing product that smells incredible and hydrates your skin with a really fine, refreshing mist.

Last but not least I bought the Odacite Gua Sha Tool* from Content Beauty as I’ve been seeing a lot of people use these on Instagram and I wanted to try one out for myself! It works as a facial massager to get the blood flowing round the face and its supposed to give your skin a glow, smooth wrinkles and firm facial contours. I’ve really been enjoying it so far – I love using it on my neck to relieve tension and I use it all over my face at night (when I remember!) to work in my facial oil.


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