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I’ve bought a few new things and I’ve also been sent a few bits too so I thought I’d put them all together in a what’s new post.

Ben & Anna Vanilla Orchid Deodorant

I have used Ben & Anna’s deodorants before and really liked them so when I made a recent Content Beauty order, I added one on as I’d run out. I like the scent of this one as it’s not too strong and it works fairly well on a day to day basis. I like the fact that its in a tube so I don’t have to stick my fingers into a pot to apply.

Lily Lolo Mascara

Also on my Content Beauty order was this mascara as I’d used up my Inika one. I really like this so far – I had a recommendation for it on Instagram and I don’t use much from Lily Lolo apart from their eyeshadow but I would definitely consider buying this again in the future. It’s volumising and thickening without being clumpy or flaky.

NEOM Great Day Glow Serum*

Neom have recently launched their own skincare line and I’ve been using the face wash and serum from the Great Day Glow range. I love the scent of the serum and I think it definitely makes a difference when I use the serum overnight – my skin looks plumper in the mornings. The only thing that’s a bit annoying is the pump – you have to squeeze really hard to get a lot in the pipette.

Pura Source Cotton Buds*

I was recently sent these bamboo cotton buds to try which I was looking forward to as this was one of the things I had been meaning to swap over to a more eco alternative but hadn’t made the switch yet. I think they’re great – they do a good job and they’re just the right size.

Saint Iris Adriatica Purity Paste & Mask Brush*

This luxury mask can be used on your face or your body, simply apply with the (beautiful) face mask brush and leave on for 3 minutes. It’s a warming mask and it doesn’t set hard like other clay masks do which I like as sometimes I leave them on for too long and it dries my skin out. I haven’t tried it on my body yet but I definitely will do! It smooths out my skin and reduces redness. A great one to try if you don’t like to leave masks on for too long!

Tropic Pomelo Whipped Body Velvet*

I was recently sent a trio of Tropic’s body velvet creams and my favourite scent of the three was the Pomelo scent. The cream reminds me a bit of the creams I used to make years ago when I dabbled in DIY natural skincare but they have a lovely light whipped texture which is also intensely moisturising on your skin so I’ll definitely be using these more over the colder months.


I saw Ana Goes Green write about this and immediately bought one for myself. A file for your tweezers – not something I ever thought I needed but something that has made a huge difference. I have a few pairs of tweezers I’ve gathered over the years but my favourite are a pink pair of Tweezerman – but they were pretty blunt! All you do is put the tweezers on either size of the file (it’s on both sides) and rub up and down – voila sharp tweezers!

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