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I first came across the Etta Loves Sensory Strip on Facebook when I was pregnant and I added it to my baby shower wish list as it had such great reviews. It quickly became one of our most used and loved baby products when Thea was born.

The black & white dalmatian pattern gave Thea something to focus on and it captivated her attention – we used it in the pram, while playing on the floor, for tummy time and in the car to keep her entertained or to calm her down if she got a bit fussy. It comes with handy tassels so you can attach it to the inside of the pram for calm walks or you can stand it up in front of them for tummy time to encourage them to lift their head and neck. I bought one of them as a present for a family member’s baby shower as we loved using ours so much.

Etta Loves animal print sensory strip

Etta Loves offered to send one of their sensory animal print playmats (AD – gifted) for Thea to try and she loves it and so do I! It’s double-sided like the strips, with the black & white side suitable from newborn, and the pink & blue sided from 5 months+ as this is when babies start to see the colours.

The patterns have been created by their consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies’ visual and cognitive development throughout their first year. I love that the products are backed by science – from the colours used to the pattern placement and size of the designs – everything is designed to support vision development and provide a great visual experience for babies. You can read more about the science behind the brand here.

Etta Loves animal print playmat

It’s really well made, super soft organic fabric and is a decent size too. We’ve been using the mat since Thea was 4 months old and so she had upgraded to the colour side now. And now that she’s bigger (almost 11 months), we keep it for when we’re travelling so she has something soft to play and sit on in hotel rooms or at other people’s homes. It comes inside a sturdy box with a band to roll it up too which is handy for when it’s not being used.

The playmats retail for £75.00 which I personally think is on the higher price side compared to other playmats on the market (although I did buy one for £50.00 which was nowhere near as soft!), however I do believe it helped significantly with Thea enjoying tummy time and the outer fabric is really high quality organic cotton that’s machine washable too which I think makes it worth every penny as you can tell it will last.

Etta Loves Animal Print Playmat 5+ month side

Etta Loves has a great range of other products too including muslin cloths, sensory strips, books (we LOVE Right Beside Me), teething comforters, play prompt cards and blankets. They don’t just come in the leopard/dalmation print either, there’s a leaf print, an eye theme design and collaborations with Keith Haring and Peanuts too!

Check out the full range here.

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